It is time to Spring Clean again! Well actually, it is more of a year end Clearance Sale and we are letting go these in stock items at extremely low prices and below cost just to clear. This is a fantastic time for a bargain and we hope you will get to grab something for yourself through this exercise :)

Shipping is additional as these items are being sold below cost. Please enquire each ship cost for each item as they differ based on size/weight.

To view the pic, click on each item name as they are linked directly to the website or FB, but some prices there have not been changed so please email us at or to purchase as this would be quicker.

Coach Handbags
1) Coach Perforated Duffle - Retail RM17++ Clearance RM799
2) Coach Legacy Leather Romy - Retail RM18++ Clearance RM899
3) Coach Madison Gathered Chevron Madeleine - Retail RM18++ Clearance RM850
4) Coach Small Leather Phoebe in Red - Retail RM16++ Clearance RM799
5) Coach Park Metro Floral Tote - Retail RM14++ Clearance RM499 SOLD
6) Coach Park Metro Zebra Tote - Retail RM14++ Clearance RM499
7) Coach Park Metro Patent Tote - Retail RM14++ Clearance RM499
8) Coach Leather Willis - Retail - RM18++ Clearance RM499 SOLD
9) Coach Women's Boyfriend Watch with Crystals - Retail RM9++ Clearance RM599
10) Coach Packable Tote in Grey, Black & Coral - Clearance RM399
11) Coach Poppy Sequined Rocker - Retail RM19++ Clearance RM790

Coach Wallets & Wristlets
1) Coach Signature Poppy Sateen Metallic Double Zip Wallet - Retail RM1+++ Clearance RM280
2) Coach Legacy Leather Large Clutch in Purple & Dark Brown - Retail RM9++ Clearance RM490
3) Coach Legacy Stripe Sateen Wristlet - Retail RM3++ SOLD
4) Coach Colorblock Double Zip Wallet - Retail RM1+++ SOLD
5) Coach Flap Leather Large Wristlet - Retail RM6++ Clearance RM250 SOLD
6) Coach Park Metro Leather Wristlet - Retail RM5++ Clearance RM250
7) Coach Park Metro Signature Wristlet - Retail RM4++ Clearance RM250

Michael Kors
1) Jet Set Small Tote in Red & Sapphire Blue - Retail RM12++ Clearance RM799 SOLD/s>>
2) Jet Set Perforated Small Tote in Neon Pink - Retail RM12++ Clearance RM599 SOLD
3) Medium Selma in Navy - Retail RM1695 Clearance RM1100 SOLD
4) Colgate Leather Hobo in Navy - Retail RM15++ Clearance RM690
5) Leather Logo Clutch in Black & Navy - Retail RM8++ Clearance RM390
6) Leather Zip Around Wallet in Fuschia - Retail RM1+++ Clearance RM390
7) Jet Set Medium Tote in Navy - Retail RM13++ Clearance RM999 (this is a discontinued model, no longer sold in stores)

Kate Spade
1) Ostrich Embossed Quinn Tote - Retail RM18++ Clearance RM990
2) Ostrich Embossed Wallet - Retail RM12++ Clearance RM350
3) Villa Bella Quinn Tote - Retail RM15++ RM600 SOLD

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Also accepting Celine, Furla, Hermes & other European brands. If the brand you want is not listed, just enquire within :)

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Givenchy Antigona Printed Totes, Clutches and Pandoras!

Givenchy Butterfly Print Pouch
Put a directional spin on your look by toting Givenchy’s Butterfly Pouch. Crafted in coated canvas, it features the iconic seasonal print and a secure zip fastening to the top. Sized for the essentials, this pouch bag will prove perfect for evening wear.
Measures 29 x 19cm
Special @ RM1120 only!
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Givenchy Butterfly Print Shopper
Givenchy’s Antigona shopper is the ultimate carryall for stylish girls on the go. Crafted in coated canvas, it bears this season’s standout butterfly print. Complete with a handy detachable pouch purse, it is the perfect accessory for work, shopping or travel. Carry in the crook of your arm or on the shoulder for a hint of Parisian insouciance.
Large 40 x 33 x 20cm - RM3490 only!
Medium 33 x 28 x 15cm - RM2990 only!
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Givency Mini Butterfly Print Pandora
Showcasing Givenchy’s iconic motif from its SS15 collection, Riccardo Tisci gives the iconic handbag a new season makeover with this Mini Butterfly Print Pandora Bag. Crafted with buttery soft leather, it features a uniquely stylish design which hangs at an angle from the shoulder and is complemented with two spacious compartments and a handy pocket. Finished with the signature logo plaque and polished hardware, it would make a welcome addition to any day or evening repertoire.
Measures 24 x 11.5 x 9.5cm
Special @ RM4450 only! 
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Small 26.5 x 17 x 15cm Special @ RM7100 only
Medium 33 x 19 x 16cm Special @ RM8190 only
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Givenchy Buttefly Print Backpack
Measures 41 H x 26 L x 11 D cm 
Special @ RM3690 only
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Givenchy Antigona Bambi Shopper
Givenchy’s black Antigona shopping bag is updated with Riccardo Tisci’s Disney-inspired Bambi print, which splices the cartoon character with a romantic portrait of a woman to create an engaging graphic print on the front. An iconic design that provides a spacious interior and a detachable pouch, it will be a go-to for work and the weekend.
Measures 39 x 32 x 17cm
Special @ RM3480 only!
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15
Givenchy Antigona Bambi Pouch
Measures 29 x 19 cm
Special @ RM1340 only!
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15
For those of you who aren't the cutesy sort and prefer something edgier,Givenchy’s black Antigona shopping bag is updated with Riccardo Tisci’s iconic Rottweiler print. With a roomy interior and a detachable zipped pouch emblazoned with the same canine print, it is a versatile accessory that will make a punchy addition to your collection.
Measures 39 x 32 x 17cm
Special @ RM3480 only!
Prices valid only for our current Paris Spree. To join, please contact us by 3/3/15

Louis Vuitton Monogram Turenne - Order through Paris Spree Now!

 New Louis Vuitton Bag called the Turenne which comes in 3 sizes. 
As functional as fashionable! With its rounded handles and front pleats, the Turenne PM in Monogram coated canvas is every woman’s style hero. The adjustable strap means you can switch to cross-shoulder carry to mix it up.
Sizes & Prices: 
Turenne PM - 14.2 x 9.4 x 5.1 inches 
Turenne MM - 15.7 x 10.2 x 5.5 inches
Turenne GM - 18.1 x 12.2 x 5.9 inches 

Order through our Europe Shopping Spree now!

Louis Vuitton Brazza Wallet - Order through our Europe Spree!

If you are looking for a Super Sleek wallet that looks slim, feels slim but packs a punch in terms of bills and card compartments, you will be delighted that such a wallet truly does exist. It is called the Brazza Wallet from Louis Vuitton. Comes in a variety of iconic canvases and leathers, this wallet has 12 card slots and multiple sections for bills plus a zippered coin compartment. This is a unisex wallet so it would be perfect for him or for her! Check the iconic Monogram and Damier canvases below:

This is what the interior for the Monogram Canvas Brazza Wallet looks like:

Damier Ebene canvas has a darker interior:
And this is the Damier Graphite interior: 

All 3 canvases can be purchased via our Paris Spree for RM1950 each. 
It measures 19 x 10cm 
Leather options cost more. You can view all the rest here:
 Just contact us for quotes. 

Balenciaga Classic City - Order now through our Paris Spree!

If you are wondering what is the best Balenciaga size to get, the Balenciaga City wins hands down in almost every important category that we consider as women on the go.  It is also suitable for petite women as this is one bag that does not overwhelm a small figured person like me.  When carried with the short handles the bag generally retains it's rectangular appearance, but when carried with the detachable shoulder strap, the bag slouches giving it a casual feel and it then does appear smaller. The leather is slightly distressed, making it very easy to main. This is a no fuss bag that you can literally throw and not have much harm come to it.  This is a big plus point for me.  Secondly, the leather is light so the bag is not heavy to carry even when it is full.   Thirdly, the size appears to be like a medium sized bag, but the capacity of the bag is surprising as it is able to hold so much more than it appears to have the capacity to do.  So all in all, it makes a great city bag for casual wear as well as if you wish to use it for work.  College students on big allowances will also find the City appropriately rugged and chic for carrying make up and other 'college-life-necessities' some of which are probably unmentionable here as we are PG13. Hehe...

Having said that, those of you who are confused about the model names, City in itself represents the model name and comes in one size only which is 38 x 24 x 14cm as given by their official website.  Now while the City represents one size, it comes with 2 different types of hardware.  The ones seen in the pictures above are called the Regular Hardware. They are one color, a sort of dark gunmetal shade, with small studs.  The slightly bigger and spikier hardware is called Giant 12 and this type of hardware comes in Either Gold or Silver. So in other words, you have a few choices when it comes to the City in terms of hardware as well as hardware color besides also being able to select the leather color that you prefer.  Every season, the color of the bags change but the hardware options remain the same. Below are some pictures of what the City with Giant 12 Hardware looks like: 

This year, Balenciaga created something new called the Metallic Edge.  Below are pictures of the City in this new offering:

Now of course somewhere through this blogpost the question on cost probably came to mind, and the price starts with Regular Hardware (approx RM5k+) and moves its way up to the Giant 12 and then the Metallic Edge.  We do not know if the Metallic Edge will be a seasonal offering or something that they will keep for a while, I guess it all depends on how well it is received.  
If you found our write up helpful and would like to purchase a Balenciaga City for yourself, please email us at or OR click on the Contact Us icon below and let us know how we can help. We will give you a quote and you would have taken your first step in owning this classic beauty :) Our Paris Spree Deadline is currently February 28th, 2015. 

To view other selections/models from Balenciaga, please click here: