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European Spree

 Our European Spree is opened to everybody intending to purchase European brands for less.

We offer prices which are cheaper than Malaysian retail prices and are able to get colors or styles which are not easily available locally.

General Terms and Conditions are posted everytime a new spree is opened and each spree will have different arrival dates based on when the items are carried back or shipped.

Participating in a spree automatically means that each buyer has read, understood and agreed with the terms and conditions appliedto that specific spree as advertised.

Luxury brands which are usually ordered are brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Mulberry, Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, and many more. We are also able to accept special requests for brands not listed. Items such as handbags, wallets, shoes and other accessories are accepted.

We can be contacted at with any questions concerning the European Spree.

Thank you!

Terms and Conditions
1.Order is confirmed when payment is made. If you are banking in a deposit to book your slot, you must ensure your balance is paid on time. This is to avoid back out buyers, delay in payments & many other issues pertaining to non-paying buyers in the past.
We will blacklist buyers who do not pay on time as agreed and we reserve the right to forfeit all deposits paid. 
2. You may preorder any items from bags, belts, wallets etc.
3. All items will come with whatever the store gives us (dustbag, paperbag, receipt) No bulky boxes as they cannot be hand-carried on plane and cannot fit into luggage due to space constraints. Once again, NO BULKY BOXES. Wallets and other small accessories will come with boxes if given by the store.
*For handbags - Only Chanel or other high value items priceed at RM7000 and above may come with boxes depending on availability and the size of the box*
4. Once an item has been confirmed, no changes or cancellation allowed else deposit is forfeited.
5. Only place your order if you are willing to wait and can appreciate the savings you gain. As items come from overseas, some delays might be possible due to unforeseen circumstances - flight changes, flight delays, act of God, etc. 
6. Strictly no refund, changes or cancellation once booking and payment has been made. Refund is processed only if item is out of stock. 
7. All items are sold as is, non-exchangeable and non-returnable. Condition will be checked before sending it to you. All items sold are Authentic and Brand New.  Any service issues must be taken up with the brand concern. We are not liable for manufacturing defects and all goods sold are not under any warranty from us as we are not the manufacturers.  For full priced boutique items from Europe, please note that service conditions differ from country to country and terms and conditions for each store brand changes from time to time. So when these terms are changed by the store, we cannot be liable for that change or for any service issues faced with any of the brands concerned as we are not affiliated with them.  What we offer you is the opportunity to purchase items for less. 
You must take any manufacturing issues up with the brand directly.
8. Paperbags, ribbons, receipts, and other packaging are not part of the item itself but we offer them to you if and when they are given to us.  If any of the said packaging is not given by the brand concerned for any reason, then we will be unable to provide them either.  
9. In the event original receipts are not available for reasons like VAT officer has taken it, multiple items on one receipt and boutique refuses to split them up, boutique refuses to issue duplicate copy of receipts and so on, we reserve the right to provide a copy of the receipt either photostated or scanned depending on availability.  Personal information is usually erased from receipts. 

Any conditions which are outside of this purchase agreement are beyond our control. Please continue to bear in mind that we always try our best to do everything to the best of our ability but very often there are elements beyond our control like store policies, strict SAs etc which make it hard to please everybody all the time. If you are an extremely fussy and particular buyer, to avoid any disappointment, we strongly advise paying FULL retail price locally so you can inspect and insist on whatever full packaging you require from the store plus extras if they are willing to give it to you.  Our prices are cheaper because we travel all the way to purchase, we provide a buying service and do our best to check all items to ensure they are in brand new condition prior to delivery to you. 

Shipping to you

We will ship all items once they arrive from Europe.  We will do our best to ship as soon as possible.

How to Order
1. Browse the respective brand's website.

Chanel - you need to know the respective model name/code. Ask us for help & we will try to assist. You can also send photos.
Also accepting, Tod's, Ferragamo, & other European brands

2. Send us the link of the specific item and/or a photo with as much details as possible including Product ID or Style#, Price, Color and so on.
*Accurate information is very important to ensure we quote & buy you the correct item.

Other Brands

Other brands also accepted. If the brand you want is not listed, please contact us. 

Contact Information

Placing an order through any of our sprees/preorders automatically means you have read and agreed with ALL our terms and conditions stated and no dispute should arise from your failure to read and understand these terms. 

We apologise in advance if any of these terms seem particular strict, rigid or harsh but we have had no choice but to spell certain issues out due to a small amount of buyers in the past who have been unreasonable, unethical, and problematic for one reason or another.  As a trusted seller of 8 years, we have faced all kinds of individuals and have learnt that we need to protect ourselves as much as we try and protect the rights of every customer.