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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hi everyone! Sorry for the long delay in updating posts. The intent was to update from Europe daily but it's been so hectic and so tiring, after many days of shopping, coming back means tucking everything away, getting dinner and heading straight to bed.  I only managed to update a couple of pictures via Facebook from my phone but even that did not suffice I am sure.  Apologies if you were waiting to see more photos here!

We managed to get almost everything on our shopping list and then some.Yay!  Some brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton we could only get maximum what they allowed us to buy as they have very strict buying quotas per person/per passport. It is the same everywhere so impossible to bypass these laws! We also managed to rent a car and go to the outlet which was an hour + outside of town.  Expected a bit more from the outlets but the stores are pretty small although the deals are quite good I wished the selection was a bit more varied and vast. Still, the whole outing took one whole day from start to end so we were entirely beat! It also rained so a lot of paperbags got wet and damaged. The outlets are open air and only each individual store is covered so when you walk from store to store you get soaked and no way to pervent this unless you came ready with an umbrella and even then you'd still get wet and your paperbags would still be damaged since the umbrella's circumference is also limited. It was also super cold...brrrr.. well for me anyway (11-15degrees to me was cold.) 

I had to pace myself and take it easy cos as you know I am a dialysis patient. I did get to do dialysis over there and it was nice to meet new nurses and see the facilities there which are different of course from here.  So 2 out of my days away was busy with the treatment and recovery and the rest of the time I tried to space things out so it is not overwhelming.  Overall, it was truely bearable and I think the worst part of travelling is really just being on the long haul flight.  It is uncomfortable and really can't rest properly plus you know when you're on the flight with all kinds of people you get all kinds of 'karenah' and hear all kinds of things which can be slightly disturbing.  I am not very good with crowds and large groups of people so to be stuck literally in a small space surrounded by so many people for so many hours is not an easy thing for me to do. I also do not sleep easily when travelling as I am a light sleeper so this part I did not enjoy at all.  I always travel Economy of course but once some time ago I did have the chance to go on Business and while it is better, it did not make my journey that much better so I conclude I am not much of a good traveller when the journey is too long and it doesn't matter what class I am travelling on, and maybe some of you can understand and feel the same.  Have never been on 1st class though so maybe someday if I am very very lucky I will get a chance to try it and then we'll see :P (I doubt it, but one can hope!) I have no idea now looking back how I made it on the 22hour journey to the US many years ago. It is now but only a distant memory and I doubt I can do it again :(

I can say one thing for sure though is that no matter where I go and how long I go for and whether it is for work, health, holiday or other reasons, I am always very happy to come home. I know Malaysia isn't the greatest place, it doesn't have the best of everything and people are always complaining and we have a long way to go in development and social concerns and what not, but it is a good feeling to come back to something I am used to, talk to people I know, rattle on in English or BM which are the only 2 languages I speak and just be around what I know and love.  When that plane touches the ground I am relieved and when I finally sleep in my own bed it is a feeling that nothing else can compare with not even the best hotels anywhere.  I guess that's why it's called HOME and there is no place like it. 

So apologies for rattling on about my adventure, but rest assured I will upload photos of the stuff I bought and what's for sale and so on.  Here's a few photos in the meantime to keep you entertained. 


 Hospital (looks like University right?)
 The Renal Unit
 My place!

 Serene view from hospital cafeteria

My humble abode whilst away. It was tiny but completely adequate although I am used to a harder/stiffer bed, this one was a bit too soft for my liking as I have special back-friendly matresses back home :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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