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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael Kors Selma - the "IT" bag that hit the world by storm!

The Selma has become such an iconic bag and is a raging success both abroad and here in Malaysia too.  Women of all ages and sizes LOVE this bag with a passion.  All versions of this beautiful tote have been spotted on fashionable girls everywhere and continues to win our hearts with it's dazzling good looks and practical style.  Here we have in stock, ready to be shipped, some of the more popular offerings in classic neutral colors which are already almost extinct and quite impossible to find. 

 The Medium Selma in Navy & Black 

 The Large Selma in Pearl Grey and Loden Green

*July 17 - Pearl Grey has sold*

Email: or click here to view and purchase them 

Note: As always we want to warn everybody about fake Michael Kors bags which have also hit the country by storm. Claiming to be outlet stock and factory rejects, these fakes are sold at very low prices between RM600-900+ and most of the time come without care cards now because we already busted many of the sellers and got them into trouble about the care cards, so now they are getting smarter and not including the cards just to play safe.  It is almost impossible for a new buyer who isn't familiar with the brand to tell if the bag is fake or not, so it is an extremely daunting task to sieve out the genuine from the fake. Please insist on some sort of proof of purchase like making sure the store tag is attached or a gift receipt is provided, either one should suffice. The ones we purchase come direct from US departments stores so they have the bar code lable of the store like Bloomingdales or Macys or Nordstroms etc, or the gift receipt.  Photos of the bags alone are not going to help you so please be smart and be safe! If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Purchase from a reliable seller with a long term reputation (like us!) :D 

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