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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Balenciaga Classic City - Order now through our Paris Spree!

If you are wondering what is the best Balenciaga size to get, the Balenciaga City wins hands down in almost every important category that we consider as women on the go.  It is also suitable for petite women as this is one bag that does not overwhelm a small figured person like me.  When carried with the short handles the bag generally retains it's rectangular appearance, but when carried with the detachable shoulder strap, the bag slouches giving it a casual feel and it then does appear smaller. The leather is slightly distressed, making it very easy to main. This is a no fuss bag that you can literally throw and not have much harm come to it.  This is a big plus point for me.  Secondly, the leather is light so the bag is not heavy to carry even when it is full.   Thirdly, the size appears to be like a medium sized bag, but the capacity of the bag is surprising as it is able to hold so much more than it appears to have the capacity to do.  So all in all, it makes a great city bag for casual wear as well as if you wish to use it for work.  College students on big allowances will also find the City appropriately rugged and chic for carrying make up and other 'college-life-necessities' some of which are probably unmentionable here as we are PG13. Hehe...

Having said that, those of you who are confused about the model names, City in itself represents the model name and comes in one size only which is 38 x 24 x 14cm as given by their official website.  Now while the City represents one size, it comes with 2 different types of hardware.  The ones seen in the pictures above are called the Regular Hardware. They are one color, a sort of dark gunmetal shade, with small studs.  The slightly bigger and spikier hardware is called Giant 12 and this type of hardware comes in Either Gold or Silver. So in other words, you have a few choices when it comes to the City in terms of hardware as well as hardware color besides also being able to select the leather color that you prefer.  Every season, the color of the bags change but the hardware options remain the same. Below are some pictures of what the City with Giant 12 Hardware looks like: 

This year, Balenciaga created something new called the Metallic Edge.  Below are pictures of the City in this new offering:

Now of course somewhere through this blogpost the question on cost probably came to mind, and the price starts with Regular Hardware (approx RM5k+) and moves its way up to the Giant 12 and then the Metallic Edge.  We do not know if the Metallic Edge will be a seasonal offering or something that they will keep for a while, I guess it all depends on how well it is received.  
If you found our write up helpful and would like to purchase a Balenciaga City for yourself, please email us at or OR click on the Contact Us icon below and let us know how we can help. We will give you a quote and you would have taken your first step in owning this classic beauty :) Our Paris Spree Deadline is currently February 28th, 2015. 

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