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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Marc by Marc Jacobs SALE! Other models

After posting up the very popular hobos the other day, we also sourced for these two models which also have been discontinued below. We have limited quantity in each model and color left to be sold at SALE PRICES. Most have 1 left only. The savings on each bag is at least RM700+ when compared to previous M'sian retail boutique prices. This is a deal and an opportunity not to be missed as this is your LAST CHANCE to get these designs ever again. Once thy are sold we cannot buy anymore as Marc Jacobs has sadly discontinued them. They however remain gorgeous classic designs that do not go out of style! 

These bags are spacious and versatile with a long cross body strap if you need to use it. Made of full Italian leather, oozing with luxurious quality and appeal. 

Msg us on FB, follow us on Instagram and email us to purchase at 

Colors available are shown in all the pictures so contact us FAST to get the color you want!! 

Retail RM2+++  
Sale Price RM1695 only (very limited mostly 1 color each only that's left) 
Black RM1795
Savings of RM700+!!!! 

This is very dark blue and not black, but we also have Black as shown below: 

Another similar model but in very limited colors:-

Both models are at the SAME SALE PRICES except Black, but bewarn that quantity for most are limited and mostly 1 each only. 

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